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ANGEL TONES - 7,77,777,7777 Hz - Manifestation - Relationships

Greetings Lovies, Thank you for viewing this video. Listening to this music with background tones of 7, 77, 777, 7777 Hz can help your energetic light body move into a place where manifestation, especially financial manifestation becomes easier. Also loving supportive relationships seem to come to you easier. This vibration can bring about healing to old relationship wounds. Let the love shine in!! This recording can be beneficial as background music for various bodywork such as, Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral, or any work that is done in a quiet safe environment. *It is important to listen to the recording in its entirety. *This recording is created to be a treatment of its own. *The beats, sweeps and tones are precise and are intended to bring about altered states of consciousness for the purpose of healing. *Getting up in the middle of this treatment can have adverse effects such as extreme drowsiness and or dizziness. *This is temporary but can be avoided if the treatment is completed by listening all the way to the end. *Although the listener may fall asleep during this treatment and usually does, this is not intended as a sleep inducer. The binaural beats in this recording are in Delta which can induce sleep. The length of this recording is 9 minutes. *Listening to this recording often is key to unlocking the brain's entertainment to these tones and beats. *The goal is to create Sympathetic Resonance within the body which is the place where the body starts to vibrate at the healing vibration that is being induced by the recording. This is where change takes place. ● Let go of stress, tension, and anxiety ● Clear your mind and enjoy a deep level of comfort and relaxation ● Gently drift off to sleep ● Wake up feeling wonderful and ready for a new day. ? Please share your experience with this video in the comments below. I hope you enjoy and find benefit from these videos. Thank you for your interest. ➕RELATED PLAYLISTS ❤ Solfeggio Frequencies: ❤ Angel Tones: ? CONNECT WITH ME ? My Website & Blog: Http:// ? Facebook Page: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! DISCLAIMER - Please: Listen to this recording only when you can relax and devote your time to this meditation. Do not drive or operating machinery while listening to this recording as it may induce drowsiness. - Do not consider this recording of powerful healing vibration to be a substitute for a doctor's care. - Do not listen to this recording if you have epilepsy or other neurological disorders that may be triggered by the tones and beats this recording provides. If you are in doubt, talk to your doctor first. -This recording is for experimental and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease. I bid you Health, I bid you Wealth, I bid you Wisdom... Most of all I bid you LOVE! Llynnette Love Music and/or script: Llynnette Love - All tracks are channeled from the Angelic Realm Album: # 2 - Heaven and Earth Track: # 6 - The Guardians Buy this track: Video Editing: Llynnette Love Video Stock: - Copyright ⓒ 2020 - Llynnette Love™. All Rights Reserved. #AngelTones #7,77,777,7777Hz #Manifestation #FinancialMiracle #Relationships

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